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Work/Life Balance - Does It Exist For A Music Student?

Let's keep it short as no one really has any time anymore.

That's it. No one has time anymore.

End of blog.

BUT! When it comes to finding a little time to play or practice music, try not thinking of it as just 'music', a taken-for-granted part of your existence.

- Work on one aspect of your musical learnings, especially when overwhelmed. For example, guitarists are in a unique position to be able tap out rhythms while watching TV for instance. 'Strum' against your leg, or mute the strings (with the fretting hand) while strumming or fingerplucking the strings quietly. Next, submit an application for the Air Guitar comps. Seriously, some of those guys and gals could probably actually play guitar REALLY well.

- Listening to music is SO important! When hearing a song or piece of music, try to understand why you enjoy it so much - is it the beat (time signature), or the off-beats (syncopation), or the song structure (verses, choruses), the genre (rock, R & B, electronic), the interesting melody line, the instrumentation (horn section? strings?) etc etc. Try to identify the parts of what you are hearing that make it so musical to you.

- It's easy to say that you'll allocate a certain amount of time over a regular period but are you still learning anything by being so dogmatic? Make your music learnings FUN and incorporate music that you listen to everyday which leads me to say....

- Sound is frequency and wave-lengths, it is science. It is the words and space between words in a conversation, it is the sound of rush hour, the voice of the announcer at the train station, the calls of the black is everywhere, because music is SOUND. Engage with your environment in a thoughtful way and you will be practising your ability to hear, analyse and sort your experiences musically.

- Also, never call music practice 'music practice'. I'm bored just saying that.

End of blog.  

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