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​Lyn believes that music is a set of compatible concepts and patterns, making it relatively easy to learn to read and play.

In addition to teaching the basics, she aims to guide students to develop a well-rounded practice method that is compatible with their lifestyles and daily schedule.

Lyn teaches guitar (electric/acoustic/bass), music theory, and performance for beginners to intermediate level, focusing on classical theory and technique as it applies to contemporary styles and performance. 


Genres include pop, rock, blues, folk, jazz, and derivatives.

If you want to learn the basics of music production and recording, singing, songwriting or composition, Lyn can assist with these in the context of live performance.

Lyn tutors via video conference as well as face-to-face, at her home studio or at your home*.

Lyn is based in Maroubra Beach and is available for lessons throughout Sydney's eastern suburbs and inner west.

*within a 10km radius


"Lyn is insightful, patient and understands what drives me and how to bring out my best. 


I can’t believe how much I have learned and progressed in a short time. 


Most importantly each lesson is fun and something I look forward to each week.  

I feel fortunate to be able to learn from such a talented and inspiring musician."

James, 43

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"Lyn has been my guitar teacher for a whole six years now.


It's because of her that I have a great understanding of both classical and contemporary guitar, and how these genres correlate.  


She incorporates elements of theory and practical work into our lessons, all the while exposing me to new songs and styles. 


I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a guitar/singing teacher. "

Matilda, 15

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"Lyn has been excellent at gauging Ty's musical interests and strengths and has set him up to sit his contemporary guitar grades, guiding him and us through the process.


Ty always comes away from his music lessons motivated and is progressing quickly under Lyn's guidance.


Lyn is patient and kind and Ty thoroughly enjoys his guitar lessons with her!"

Lucy & Ty, 12

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