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Lyn is a unique and adaptable musician drawing great things from both the electric and acoustic sides of guitar. Adding to her talent is her voice, a vocalist in her own right with an ability to blend.

Mark Lizotte aka Diesel

In working with Lyn for many years, I have been privileged to listen to her unique ability and interpretation of music be it with her vocal, guitar and/or bass playing. I would say definitely she aint “one of the herd”! 

Richie Vez, Diesel

In 2007 Lynette performed and composed the soundtrack to my theatre work ‘ In tha Butoh’ …a site specific theatre work presented in the car park of CarriageWorks in Redfern, as part of Performance Spaces Nighttime Festival… (T)he show was a smash hit. As a collaborator Lynette was highly professional, prepared and ready to go with new and exciting ideas – an inspirational and exciting artistic collaborator and composer.

Karen Therese, Director/Creative Producer

Working with Lyn, both in the studio and live was a great joy for me. She nurtured me through many an awkward song writing moment, always encouraging, kind and giving. She finds the most beautiful melodies both on guitar and with her powerful voice. Her innate musicality and unique style was invaluable in the making of my first record.

EJ Barnes

Lynette Smith Music
Lynette Smith Music


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